Audio Installation & Stereo Repairs

Our team of technicians are not only experts when it comes to installing & repairing TVs we can also help with many other devices & appliances including audio equipment & stereos. Whether your equipment is new or old, we can help out with repairs & set up your hi-fi, stereo, amplifiers & other audio products so that you can enjoy your music at home the way it is intended to be heard at the highest quality possible.

If you would like to get more out of your home audio, we have a range of services available in Glasgow & surrounding areas. All the services we provide are carried out at your home or work premises.

Hi Fi and Stereo Installation Service

If you’re a big music fan choosing a new stereo or hi-fi system is a fun experience. With the advances in technology today there are many great systems to choose from starting from basic models featuring integrated AM/FM radio tuners & CD players to more advanced systems with a whole host of additional features such as DAB radio tuners, Bluetooth connectivity & USB interfaces.

When you choose us to help install your new stereo system, we will assist you with every aspect of the installation & configure it to your liking. We will take care of everything including unboxing & physically setting up your new audio equipment & connecting your existing devices & accessories to it so that it is up & running & fully operational for you to use.

Hi Fi and Stereo Repairs

Is your stereo system or hi-fi not performing to its full ability? If you are finding it hard to enjoy your favourite songs & radio shows due to faults with your sound system or its accessories we can assist you with professional audio repairs.

No matter what is wrong with your sound system, we can diagnose it & recommend the best course of action to get you enjoying your music again. From electrical faults caused by wiring & circuitry issues to problems with non-electrical components such as speaker cones, we can use our expertise to assess any problems & repair it accordingly.

Many repairs can be completed in a single visit after inspecting your stereo or hi-fi. If we need to order replacement parts to fix your equipment, we will let you know of the costs & a predicted timescale for any repairs beforehand.

Audio Services in Glasgow and Surrounding Areas

If you have a stereo, turntable or another audio system that needs installing or repairing in Glasgow or surrounding areas including Hamilton & Paisley we can travel to your home, office or business premises & get it up & running for you. We can install, diagnose faults & provide repairs for the following audio equipment:

  • Stereo & Hi-Fi Systems
  • Turntables
  • Amplifiers
  • Speakers
  • Vintage Audio Equipment & Radios
  • Audio Installation
  • Stereo Repair